Fort Lauderdale


The city of Fort Lauderdale has long been a destination for the LGBTQ community for decades with the massive invasions of the Spring Breakers to the amazing LGBTQ districts in South Florida. Fort Lauderdale is home to a town within its city borders known as Wilton Manors. This is home to the LGBTQ life of the city! 

Wilton Manors is home to over 30 LGTBQ bars alone. Not including the abundance of local gay owned restaurants, cafes, and shops along "The Drive" (Wilton Drive).

Fort Lauderdale's downtown has a vibrant life. Downtown's most popular area is on Las Olas Blvd, an extremely popular and young place to be with its cute downtown style businesses and quaint restaurants and bars. It's a wonderful place to visit Riverwalk Park, and area lined during the weekend with Arts & Cultures and shops. It is also located near the Broward Center of Performing Arts; a gorgeous theatre. This is located at the most western side of Las Olas Blvd. The boulevard itself is lined with wonderful places to eat, drink, and shop. To the east you will directly hit the beach's epicenter!

Fort Lauderdale is ranked in the top 5 cities in the the U.S. for its percentage of gay couples as a proportion of the total population. Wilton Manors has approximately over 1200% more resident gay couples per capita than the national average! This truly is a gay mecca with some of the most beautitul year round weather and beaches one can ask for.


Fort Lauderdale is home to many beautiful beaches including two of the most popular; Sebastian Beach and Haulover. 

Sebastian Beach is located just north of Las Olas Blvd on Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd (the most busy of Fort Lauderdale's Beaches; home to the Spring Breakers) Also home to what is called Beach Place; serving a dozen or so restaurants, shops, and has everything you need for a day at the beach in case you came emptyhanded.

Luckily just north, located at Sebastian Blvd, we have our own special place on the beautiful sands to ourselves. Helpful hint, it is infront of the Carolton-Ritz. This beach is always packed, especially on Sunday Funday. Although drinking on the beach is prohibited, its always nice grabbing a frozen cocktail (strong drinks, trust us) at Fat Tuesdays, and floating in the ocean with friends.

Haulover Beach is South Florida's premier nude beach! We, again, have our own section of security and sanction located at lifeguard stand #12. Roast your buns in the sun and everything out for the world to see. Who wants tan lines anyhow? There are no convenient stores around like Sebastian Beach. So a helpful hint; go shopping beforehand and get your drinks and food. There is a paid parking lot closeby but its a little walk north in the sand to lifeguard #12, so bring all you need in one trip!


American Style. Tipping is 15% minimum, but 20% is preferred for better service. Tips would extend to restaurants, bars, hair salons, barbers, day spas, massages parlors, taxi/lyft rides, and tour guides.  At hotels; bellhops, house cleaning, and coneierge services always appreciate a tip as well.

Cocktail tipping. Keep it simple. Minimum $1 per drink, $2 for something complicated or fancy, such as martinis or craft cocktails. More if you wanna take them back to your hotel ;)

Travel Tips


The city's airport is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). If you arrive to FLL, you will arrive south of the city. There are nos trains, trams, or subways within the city itself. If you decided to get a rental, you will can easily take US1 or I-95 north (via 595 East first).

Miami's airport (MIA) is only 30mins south if you decided to arrive here. If you do, you can take the Brightline train directly from the airport to Fort Lauderdale Downtown. There will have to get a taxi/uber/lyft.


Headed on US1 

If you are headed north, take Browad Blvd is a major boulevard which you will find Las Olas just east. If you are looking to arrive in Wilton Manors, go past Broward. The road is tricky, it will curve and join another road (Sunrise Blvd) and will go east for about a mile, then you will see signs to turn left back onto US1. 

If you are headed south, take this up until the 26th Street light. Once you do, you have officially entered Wilton Manors. Once you see the railroad tracks, that is an intersection everyone knows and is called 5 Points. Welcome to Wilton Manors.

Headed on I-95

Otherwise you can take I95 to exit 29 Sunrise Blvd; the southern exit, which is the easier to arrive in Wilton Manors. Take this East until you arrive at the light 6th Ave, go right. Once you cross the little bridge, you are officially in Wilton Manors. Go to your second right, where the road essentially ends leading into a plaza. This is the heart of Wilton, 6th Ave & Wilton Drive.

If you are seeking downtown Fort Lauderdale, take the exit Broward Blvd and go East. 

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