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Rochester is situated on Lake Ontario, with the Genesee River and Erie Canal running through the city. Rochester is the birthplace of numerous well known companies such as Bausch and Lamb, Eastman Kodak Co., and Xerox. It was dubbed the name the "Flour City" due to the numerous flour mills that lined the waterfalls of the Genesee River. At its height, Rochester was the largest producer of flour in the world. 

The city of Rochester is one of the most welcoming LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the U.S. It is ranked among the top 25 most friendly LGBTQ+ cities in the nation. The LGBTQ+ population is mainly concentrated in the southeast neighborhoods of Park Avenue, the South Wedge, and the Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA).

From locally-owned coffee shops and restaurants, to nightlife, art, shopping and more, Rochester offers a vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community. 


(ROC) The city’s airport is Frederick Douglass - Greater Rochester International Airport. The airport is located three miles southwest of downtown and can be reached via Taxi, public buses, Uber or Lyft. There are airport shuttles that will take you to or from the main terminal and the parking shuttle lots. Arriving passengers can also find accommodations from the airport to the Greyhound Bus Line or Amtrak Station. 


Every May, The Rochester Lilac Festival brings together the entire region, with a display of 500 varieties of lilacs in Highland Park. It is the largest collection of lilacs in North America. The festival brings in over 80+ bands on its Main Stage and is fun for all ages.

In June, the Rochester International Jazz Festival brings in more than 1,500 artists that perform in more than 300 concerts. The venues range from elegant concert halls  to outdoor stages to intimate clubs, around Rochester's east end cultural district.

In September, Rochester hosts its own Fringe Festival with nightly indoor and outdoor shows, food trucks, and bars. It is the largest multi-arts festival in New York State, with shows ranging from theater, comedy, visual arts, family entertainment, music, dance, opera, spoken word, and film.

Another great festival to check out in Rochester is the Clothesline Festival. Browse and buy original artwork by over 300 artists, enjoy food and drinks from local vendors, and visit the Memorial Art Gallery. 

In December, there is the Roc Holiday Village Festival. This relatively new festival features a little shopping village, free visits with Santa and Santa’s Workshop, free ice skating, winter igloos, fire-pits with seating, indoor bar & restaurant, live music, and food trucks.

Public Transportation

Rochester's Regional Transit Service (RTS) bus routes accommodate 100 buses an hour with 30 bus bays. Traveler's can use the system starting at just $1 a ride.

Taxis and ride-share services like Lyft and Uber are also available, along with car rental services and Lime Scooters.


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