Orlando is the amusement park capital of the world! Housing more than a dozen parks such as the largest Disney complex in the world, Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and many more. Check out the attractions in our Directory. This city is only 45 minutes from NASA's Cape Canaveral. Speaking of the beach, Cocoa Beach, near NASA is a wonderful lively area to go to. Not to mention, they have PlayLinda Beach, an unofficial gay nude beach and if you luckily you can catch a space launch!

This city has been rich with LGBTQ history for many decades. The downtown areas hosts dozens of friendly hotspots and bars for the community. The world renouned Parliament House was one of the most iconic and famous bars/clubs in the United States which opened in 1975 and unfortunately closed in 2020. The story of Pulse still resonates with a lot of us and the community. The city, although shaken, is and will always be strong.

Currently the hotspots are now located around a wonderful downtown area called Lake Eola, which hosts the Pride Parade every year. This lively scene is full of top notch drag entertainment, brunches, cocktail bars, pool parties, and all the fun lifestyle that the Florida weather has to offer, including Gay Days and other annual parties. There is nothing like an Orlando water park rented out from 8pm-2am with friends!


(MCO) Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest in the country and the busiest in Florida, with good reason. If you need public transportation you can use the Lynx Bus to take you to most places, including downtown, Lake Eola will take you 45mins.

Orlando has a smaller airport but convenient to fly into called Stanford International (SFB). 

Public Transportation

While Orlando does not have any subways systems, they do offer a variety of public friendly options of buses and light rails.

LYMMO Downtown Circulator is a fare-free bus that provides downtown visitors with quick and convenient access to restaurants, retail, entertainment, offices and services. LYMMO operates on four different routes in partially dedicated lanes with transit signal priority.

They offer a Amtrak train services, SunRail (typically for commuters from other areas outside of downtown, and the Brightline providing services between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Construction is still in progress and is expected to be finished in 2022.


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