San Francisco



San Francisco is a very beautiful city! If you're here, you need to check out all the sites, some of which include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Alamo Sq Park (known as the full house park), The Palace of Fine Arts, the historic Haight Ashbury (known for being the hippy street in the 60's), Chinatown, Japan town, The Marina, Coit tower, Alcatraz and more! The architecture is beautiful, having victorian styled homes, very reminiscent of Amsterdam, only they are built into the hills that create the city.

The LGBTQ neighborhood is the Castro! This lovely area has been home for the community since the 1960s and before. It is the absolute most accepting city in the United States. It doesnt matter your sexual preference or gender identity, you are always welcomed here with open arms. The city is full of love. Castro is a wonderful neighborhood boosting cafes, bars, restuarants, and many hang out spots. Known for being on the hippy side its about peace and love. Dont forget to check out Delores Park, often referred to as they gay beach.


(SFO) San Francisco International Airport. For public transportation use the BART. Several trains depart from the SFO International Terminal every hour taking only 30 minutes to downtown San Francisco. The BART station is located in the International Terminal.

(SJC) San Jose International Airport. To get to San Francisco's downtown you can take the Caltrain. It zips by all the nasty traffic and takes only around 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs roughly $15, highly suggested if you are in the San Jose area or arrive at this airport.

(OAK) Oakland International Airport. The distance from Oakland to San Francisco is 20 miles. Riding BART, it will take you about 40 minutes. To get from Oakland Airport to San Francisco, simply hop on the blue Daly City Line or green Millbrae line.

Public Transportation

BART is the subway system used in San Francisco. It will take passengers not only around the downtown SF area but crosses over into Oakland as well. They also have the Caltrain which runs north and south and connects areas like San Jose.


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