Denver is quite the city! It has been dubbed one of the healthiest cities boosting some of the most "fit" people in America. It is no suprise since the city is surrounded by absolutely beautiful nature. Nestled in the Rocky Moutain region, it has plenty of options for the nature seeking advertoursists; from hiking paths, camping in the forests, to a handful of skiing options.

The LGBTQ watering holes are not exactly in a specific zone or neighborhood. They are spread out through some of the downtown areas but you can most on E & W Colfax Ave, including areas surround such as City Park, Capitol Hill, Five Points, and more.

Denver has other many wonderful areas to check out like the 16th Street Mall, an outdoor shopping premonade, Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Coors Field, a zoo, and plenty of museums.


Denver International Airport (DIA) is the city's main airport. You can easily take the A train from DIA directly to downtown's Union Station.

Public Transportation

Denver has the RTD subway system composing of the buses, light rail, commuter rail, and even Amtrak Trains which can you passengers to Chicago, Salt Lake City and other major cities easily.

Fun Facts

Denver has played a role in the LGBTQ progression with the first know gay bar in 1939, The Pit, but rumors of gay men and women gathering to bars even as early as 1910. The members of this community have helped pave way with the Gay Liberation Movement and have such played a role in LGBTQ Equality on a national level thanks to its community.

Nature Sites

List of places to hike, skiing resorts, camping grounds, etc

Skiing & Snowboarding

Loveland Skiing Resort, Aspen, 


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